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The world of sports hydration was changed dramatically in 2020 so you now have a whole new set of rules and regulations. You will need to have the proper tools and systems available to you to offer ample hydration but in a safer, no contact application. Our Patent Pending Wheelin’ Water “NO CONTACT” Manager hydration system with 50-gallon cooler, is just what you need.

The Manager has a 7-day cooler that is easy to fill and clean. The “NO CONTACT” system has 8 adjustable water dispensers that swing out for use and in for transport.  There are no foot pedals, no water bottles, messy cups to dispose of or spray nozzles to wipe off and disinfect. Athletes simply place their hand under the sensor and water is dispensed until hand is moved away.


The all-aluminum and stainless-steel frame equipped with 10” no flat casters on a stainless steering system on the front and sturdy 13” no flat rear tires let you maneuver cart where you need to be. Front handle can be used to steer cart or haul behind your tractor or golf cart. Upper deck allows ample room to haul supplies. The (2) 12-volt pumps allow for ample pressure on each side. System is powered by a 12-volt ,20-amp, rechargeable battery. Charger and sanitizing tablets included.

Every system ships completely assembled, sanitized, charged, ready for use.

Tech Specs: 

  • All aluminum welded frame- Fits thru a 33″ doorway
  • Wide set wheels increase stabilization, easier to maneuver.
  • All tires and casters are NO FLAT
  • Stainless steel steering assembly gives excellent turning ability.
  • Fork converts to a tow bar to allow towing behind gator or tractor.
  • Patent-Pending “NO CONTACT” hydration system with (8) sensor stations powered by a 12volt 20AMP rechargeable battery.
  • (2) 3 GPM pumps with (4) sensors on each pump for better pressure
  • 50-gallon water tank with large 8″ opening. Great for adding ice.
  • Rugged 20” x 45” upper storage deck with closed ends for training supplies, water bottles, coolers or any training tools you have. Upper deck at a height of 36″.
  • Inline strainer helps protect pumps
  • Charger and sanitizing tablets included
  • Warranty-1-year parts and labor on defective manufactured parts


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