Big Squirt Hydration System 20 Gallons


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The Big Squirt is the tool you need to assist you on getting proper hydration to all your athletes. With 20 gallons of water on an easy to maneuver frame, you save valuable practice time by positioning the Big Squirt to avoid excessive downtime for hydration breaks.  Ships assembled and ready to use.


Tech Specs: 

  • 6 drinking nozzles on 5 ft coiled hoses. Hoses are blue to help prevent mold/algae. Fittings, tanks, pumps and hoses are food grade.
  • 20 gallon tank with  8” opening for easy filling and cleaning.
  • 3.0 GPM 12 volt pump with 9 amp rechargeable battery and waterproof charger. Inline strainer helps protect pumps
  • Heavy duty, aluminum, wide stance frame with No Flat tires
  • Optional slip over insulated cover keeps water colder, longer


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