Argo Sciences was established by Jason Conklin in 2020 to pursue viable technologies, prove their efficacy, and apply them in the most effective manner, achieving maximum sustainability. In our research, as a firm structured like a well-rounded thinktank organization, we put all the brains we have together to tackle the problem(s) facing us.

About Us

Discovered by Argo Sciences in early 2023, Wheelin’ Water has proven to be a viable player in the sports hydration space and demonstrates a great potential in other endeavors.  Working directly with the manufacturer, Argo Sciences is developing variations of these products that address the needs of the US Military, Industrial Sectors, and Emergency and First Responders.  We are providing hydration systems that are specially designed to serve those working in these sectors safely and sustainably.  Complementary to this development, we are working to bring industrial hygiene variants that can be customized to a particular industry, further expanding the reach and potential benefit clean water brings.


Wheelin’ Water carts are proudly manufactured in the USA with domestically sourced parts.


Whether in sports for athletes, industry for construction workers, or emergency responders needing fresh water for operations, we bring the best hydration carts in the world, offering many different styles, features, and sizes.


To have the precious resource of fresh drinking water readily available to every line of work or activity that needs it.


Limitations on personnel available to sports teams and many work fields where hydration is an essential element of operation for both performance and health, a method more sustainable than bottled water was needed to reduce waste and labor. 


Development and delivery of a heavy-duty steel frame cart with reusable food grade storage tanks creates the ideal supply source necessary.  Our tanks eliminate the need for plastic waste disposal and substantially reduce costs at the point of consumption while maintaining freshness and sanitary water dispensing.

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